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Annual Programs

Family Fun Night
This evening of fun is a "thank you" for parent support during the year. The purpose is to bring out Freedom family together for an evening of free fun and activities for the whole family.  Food is available for reasonable prices.

This stands for Make All Staff Happy! One Wednesday a month the Parent Council prepares a fun themed lunch for the Freedom staff as a way to show that they are appreciated.  Volunteers provide food & snacks for the staff to enjoy.

Birthday Book Club
Families can purchase a book for the media center in honor of a student's birthday. Students get to pick their special book. BBC members get to place a personalized label inside the book, present their book on FTN and check out the book before anyone else.

STAR (Staff & Teacher Appreciation Reward)
You might see these special jars filled with treats in various places around the building. At the beginning of the school year, volunteers are asked to donate candy and other goodies for staff. Parent Council has a volunteer who coordinates the program and re-fills the jars regularly.