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Notes from the Nurse!

Welcome Back to School,

It's hard to believe we are once again starting a new school year.  I am looking forward to seeing everyone back in the building again. 

This email is for anyone who has a child in our building who will need medication in the clinic during this school year. 

If you have a student who will need medication in the clinic this year, please do your best to bring it with you to the Open House.

I will need a brand-new School Medication form filled out for every medication that is brought to the clinic.  I am attaching the medication permit to this email for you to get filled out by your doctor.

  • Have the School Medication form filled out for every medication brought to the clinic (filled out by parent/guardian at the top and the doctor in the middle of the form).
  • Bring the medication to the clinic at Open House if you have it ready.  The medication needs to be in a prescription bottle with the student's name and information on it (the medication must match what the School Medication form says, especially the dosage) or it cannot be accepted. 
  • Please put the medication in a Ziplock baggie and place the child's name on the outside of the baggie if possible. 

This information applies to over-the-counter medications as well (Tylenol, cough drops, etc.) and the OTC medication bottles need to be unopened with the student's name written on the outside of the bottle (dosage needs to match what the doctor's office filled out on the form as well). 

Remember:  Students are NOT permitted to carry medication of any type to school with them unless there is a doctor's order to do so, and it has been cleared by the clinic.  

If you have any questions or comments regarding medication or any health concerns, please feel free to contact me.  

I look forward to a safe and healthy new school year,

Kristin Gleis, RN, BSN

School Nurse

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